The Club's Schedules

All scheduling is done with calendars. Guests see different information than logged in users.

If you are logged in, the home page contains a separate box for each schedule, showing upcoming items.  If you are not logged in, you are a Guest and just upcoming Games and Education are shown.

Logged in users can see a full version of all schedules.  Click the month-name in the small calendar in the Club Schedules box. (On the small calendar, you can also click a certain date and see what’s scheduled for that date.)

A larger calendar will be shown, containing all schedules.  Then, to see a single schedule, click on the schedule's name. At that point, you can click on Show All Schedules to see them all again.

Large calendars can be printed. Click the printer icon printButton near the top. This brings up a win­dow with only the cal­en­dar. Then click the printer icon again to actu­ally print.

The print will fill the printed page's width regard­less of what the popup win­dow looks like, so you usually will want to use your computer's "printer set up" to select "portrait" or "vertical" paper orientation.

The Club Man­ager and the Assis­tant Club Man­ager are allowed to man­age events within calendars.

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