Using The BridgePad

North is the “controller” of the Bridgepad. He should enter most of the information but should also share the unit with other players when the situation calls for it. If North has vision problems or other handicaps that prevent him from handing the BridgePad, South may do the entries, but it would be better if North and South switch places. If neither North nor South can handle the unit, then E or W can do the entries. If nobody can handle the unit, the Director will be happy to help.

The single most important thing to remember is to READ the screen and note the location of the cursor. This goes for North when entering the information, and for East or West when checking it.

Beginning the Game
North enters information to set up game.

North passes unit to East or West to enter a security code of their choosing. This a two digit number, like a Password, that is used to approve the results of hands.  It may be any two digits except 00 and 99.

North enters his ACBL player number.  Then it is passed to South, East, and West in turn, to enter their numbers. You need not be a member of the ACBL to play.  If that's the case, or you don't have your player number, enter a single zero.

For each Board
Before the bidding, North should verify the board number displayed is the one you're about to play.  If not, STOP and call the Director -- this may be a serious error in the set-up of the game.  You can play the boards out of order, deliberately or accidentally, but you have to do it right.

After the bidding, and before the play, North enters contract information: verify board number, enter the contract, and by whom.

After the play, North enters the result and passes unit to East or West to verify all the information and to enter their security code. East or West checks the board number, the contract, who played the board, the result, and the score, and enters the security code if all information is correct. He then presses Next to confirm the security code.  At that point, the computer will calculate how well that score compares to other scores recorded so far.  It's shown as a percentage, and is with respect to N/S.  So if it says 38%, it means N/S did better than 38% of the other N/S's.  The reverse percentage would be the E/W result -- in this case it would mean E/W did better than 62% of other E/W's.  The unit is passed back to North while still on percentage screen.

North presses Next to see the Traveler.  The Traveler is the record of results for that hand as played at all tables so far.  He then passes the unit to anyone interested in seeing the scores.  Do not read the results aloud -- your true opponents at other tables might hear and gain an advantage.

North again presses Next to proceed to the next board, again verifying information.  Eventually, North reaches the contract entry location for the next board.

North makes sure to never leave the table with the Traveler showing.


A tip to keep the game flowing smoothly: North should enter the contract information while waiting for the lead to be made, or while declarer is studying dummy’s cards. But, if North is on lead, he should lead before entering information in the unit, and if North is dummy, he should face the dummy before entering information in the unit.  Do NOT wait 'till the end of the round intending to then enter all results.


After the Last Round
Any player can use the unit to check their standing at the end of a game. See below.

At end of game, the last person to use the unit should reset it. See below.

Final Standing
At the end of the game, after all tables have completed play and entered their last result, any player can request to see the final results of the game. The player will be asked to enter his pair number, It must start with NS or EW and must contain 2 numbers. (If the pair’s number was less then 10 enter 0 before the number - for example NS01.) The server will send a final result that will be displayed in the following fashion:

Final Standing 56%
Brd pts    Brd pts
 1  1.0     6  0.0
 2  0.0     7   …
 3  2.0     8   …
 4  1.5
 5  0.5

In this abbreviated example (above) there were 8 boards to play. Pair NS01 played only boards 1 to 6 (skipped boards 7 and 8). On board 1, it got 1 point out of maximum of 2 points.

Now for the final duty of the last player to use the unit:


Press NEXT until this screen appears



Enter the number 2, and press NEXT.  The screen will return to the BridgePad startup screen.

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