Using Bidding Boxes

Why use Bidding Boxes?
  1. Auctions cannot be overheard at other tables.
  2. Hard-of-hearing players are accomodated.
  3. No extra information is exchanged through a remark or voice inflection or mannerism.
  4. The need for reviews of the auction is virtually eliminated.
  5. Bids out of turn occur less often.
  6. The noise level in the playing area is reduced.
The mechanics of using Bidding Boxes:
  1. Place your thumb over the tab of the bid you choose and pull that card and all the ones behind it and place the stack of bid cards on the table.
  2. Place the stack of bid cards you picked in a vertical pile. The bid cards have the bid printed in large text on their body, as well as on the tab.  This large text faces the other players when you put the stack down.
  3. Place your subsequent bid stacks on top of that pile, but offset to the right, so all of your bids can be seen by the other players.
  4. This procedure keeps the bid cards in order.  They can be picked up after the auction in a sweeping motion, and put back in the box.  Pretty ingenious, really.

The procedure is awkward for lefties, but it doesn't take much dexterity with your right hand, and some lefties do this.  Others use their left hand, and twist their arms around to do it.  Left-handed bidding boxes are available at bridge supply houses.  You would be allowed to carry your own left-handed box with you as you move, but the Club does not provide left-handed boxes.

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