The Daily Recap's Layout

The Daily Recap is laid out with very few menus and a large number of boxes.  Both of these two kinds of elements "float around," depending on the content of the particular page, the size of the user's display, and whether the user is logged in or not.

Managers and Directors necessarily have a more complex view than visitors and Members.  Boxes which you will use more often have a distinctive "flag" hanging over their top edge.

All clickable items operate with a single click.  (Clickable items are just touched on smartphones, tablets, and some larger screens.)  These clickable items include the main Menu.  On a large screen, the Menu Items

Desktop Menu
Desktop Menu
appear as large bold words in white on a black background.  On a smartphone, the Menu initially has no items, but when touched, it expands to show itself.
Smartphone Menu touched
Smartphone Menu touched

The clickable items also include Links,

Some Links
Some Links
which are bright blue and underlined.  Links act just like menu items -- click (or touch) and something is displayed.

There are boxes that are wider than the others.  These are resized for small displays and for other reasons, but always stay left-ward and top-ward.  They are the primary display area for articles, lists, and other stuff that results from clicking a menu or a link.  On a desktop-sized screen, you can see this all happen by reducing the size of your browser window.

Articles can be printed.  To the right of the title appears a "printer icon." printButton  If you click it, the article is opened in a popup window and is shown with no extraneous items -- think of it as a "print preview."  If you like what you see, click on the word "Print," which appears to the right of the title.  Then your Operating System print function will take over and do its thing.

Logged-in Users see different information from Guests.  Stuff they don't need is eliminated, private stuff is shown, and some things are different.  One thing that is different is the Partnership method.  Guests can contact the partnership chair persons by email without revealing the chair persons' names or email addresses, but logged in users can actually see, make, and resolve partnership requests by themselves.

Manager's Box
Manager's Box
Director's Box
Director's Box
Managers and Game Directors see a special Box that contains articles of interest to them only.  These articles do not show up in the Latest Articles Box.

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