Credentials for Logging In

Credentials are issued only "in person" at the club by the Club Manager, a Game Director, or by me.  We have decided to authorize users this way and not via email or the internet, because of all the exploiters around.

If the Manager or Director is not too busy, surely he or she will show you the ropes of using this site.

Users of the former web-site can still use their former username and password.  This may change.

We may revoke users from time to time and require a re-authorization.  This may occur if a user has not visited the site recently or for other reasons.


# Linda Reeder 2015-12-17 08:44
Ann pullman cannot get on. How do I find her pw?
# Judy Jansen 2016-01-19 16:37
Where do I change my Password?
Judy Jansen

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