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The " ° " numbers (converted match points) seldom are higher than 70 or lower than 30.  Since the range of values is fairly small, small differences in this number can be significant if they are for large numbers of hands.

These numbers cannot really be compared between players of different Strats.  While it is possible to beat higher ranking pairs from time to time, it would be highly unusual to beat them regularly.

Even comparing players in your own Stat can be suspect.  Some players play only against people in their own Strat, and others "play up." In contrast to master points, which are "Stratified," match points are not -- so even if you often scratch while playing up, you are unlikely to regularly have games above 50°.

When looking at these numbers, beware of categories with small numbers of hands.  The pair may have received "gifts" or been "fixed."  But when the number of hands is larger, these effects should even themselves out and the numbers will be more useful.

I suggest you mostly look at your own numbers.  Using the "Search" function, located just above the Report, enter your last name.  As you type, the number of rows shown will be reduced until you are all that's left, except for your partners.  If your last name is common at the Club, you may have to keep typing after your last name -- type a space and then your first name.  On the other hand, if your first name is unusual in the Club, you can just use that.  We once had two Joyce Clark's, so they would have had to type a lot -- but one had a middle initial in the Club's computer, so it would have been OK eventually.  (The Club keeps identical names distinct, by hook or by crook.)

In looking at your numbers, I believe the best procedure is to compare them across the columns.  If you find numbers smaller than the others, it means you're getting bad results in that category, compared to other categories.  To improve your game, you should concentrate on the factors that led to that result.

For example, perhaps your "Def." (Defense) category is low.  This might mean you need to brush up on defense, or maybe it means you need to bid higher because your declarer play seems better.

For another example, say your number for "2-level Def." (2-level defense) is low.  What does this mean?  If the number of hands is not small, it probably means you're not bidding higher when the opponents want to play at the 2-level.  (There's a bridge saying, "Don't let 'em play at the 2-level.")  Or maybe you relax and don't defend well when there is no game at hand.  You can decide why your number is low, and take steps to change your behavior.

Or maybe your "Unfav Decl" (Declaring at unfavorable vulnerability) is low.  This might mean that you're not paying enough attention to vulnerability when choosing to bid higher.

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