The Performance Report - General


The names for each pair are shown and the Performance is for the Pair, not either player.  The two partner names have been rearranged alphabetically so that the Smith-Jones pair is the same as the Jones-Smith pair. The names column itself is then initially presented in order by that rearranged pair-name.  But see Sorting, below.  If your name is near the end of the alphabet, then most likely you will be shown with your different partners' names shown first.  But see Search, below.

The player names have their "Strat" added onto the end.  This is done according to the Masterpoints they had at the time a given game was included.  So if your Strat has changed since the date shown at the top of the Report, then your name will appear separately with each Strat.

The four Strats' ranges are listed in the Report's heading, but currently are set at 0-299, 300-749, 750-2000, and 2000+.

In the columns (categories of play) the Report shows the average match point and, under that, the number of hands that Pair played in that category.

Sorting -- each column can be sorted ascending or descending by clicking the column heading.  When you do that, the column will be slightly shaded.  The tiny arrowheads will indicate ascending or descending for the sorted column, or neither for other columns.

Some categories of play are cryptic to save space.  "Ubid Decl" stands for "Underbid as declarer" and means making game but not bidding it, or making slam but not bidding it.  As with all the categories, the results need to be taken with a grain of salt -- the defense may have been poor, and the Game or Slam could have been beaten, so may not really be an Underbid so much as an Under-defend -- or the cards all lay just right and making it was unpredictable.  But as the number of occurrences rises, the meaningfulness will also rise.

Near the right side, "Eq," "Fav," and "Unfav" refer to vulnerability.

At the top of the Report, you can Search.  b_200_0_8532791_01_images_2014TDR_Perf_Report_search.pngIf you enter something in the search box, it will show all the pairs where it appears.  So entering your name will show your data playing with all your partners.  Another interesting possibility is entering a Strat, such as [C] with the brackets, to show only pairs in that strat, regardless of the Strat of their partners.  The Strats used here do not correspond to the Strats used in any particular game, but to the number of Masterpoints on file in the Club's computer.

pages.pngThe report is "paged."  At the bottom, you can flip through the pages, or go to any page.  At the top, you can change the number of pairs shown per page.entries.png

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