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Education at NCBC

The NCBC teachers met on Friday and have decided on the following education program for the spring-summer.

Since we had requests for supervised play, we have tried to accommodate those requests

Judy Kortier will teach Supervised Play for Bridge Basics 1 on Wednesday mornings, June 7 thru July 26.

Gerry Panos will teach Supervised Play for Bridge Basics 2 on Tuesday mornings, May 16 thru July 11.

These supervised play classes will last 90 minutes and will cost $5 per session.

Two workshops will be offered:

Pat Foster will teach Weak 2-Bids and Their Responses on Wednesday morning, May 3rd.

Carol Hargrave will teach Michaels Cue Bids and Their Responses on Wednesday morning, May 17th.

Workshops will be two hours and will cost $10 each.

The teachers will meet again July 14th to plan the fall semester. As usual, you can sign-up on the teacher education bulletin board for each play course or workshop. All courses will be held on demand, depending on sign-up.


Recent Rank Changes

Two NCBC members are listed in the current Bridge Bulletin for earning a new rank.  Congratulations to both!

Silver Life Master
Joan Griffin

Life Master
Aruna Raghavan

Election Results

Were you there on Friday? Wasn't the annual meeting fun and interesting? Well perhaps not exactly up there with Disney, Busch Gardens or Aldi, but at least you were among the first to know who won election to the NCBC Board. For the rest of you, here they are (alphabetically). Be sure to congratulate each of them when you next see them at the bridge table (or at Aldi).

Bud Baynard (First Timer),

Sue Graham (Back on board – Sue served two terms not long ago),

Judy Kortier (First Timer),

Zada Moyer (Re-elected to her second term),

Jim Somma (Back on board – Jim last served a few years ago)

They will all be joining with Judy Jansen and Jerry Lebo as those two serve the remaining year in their current terms. That's your Board – working to make NCBC better, and always happy to hear your advice on how to do it, or your offer to help make it happen.

Meet Jerry Lebo

We would be hard pressed to profile a harder working member of our club than Jerry Lebo. He has worked tirelessly for the success of NCBC.

Jerry was born in a small town in Indiana. He attended Purdue University and earned a PHD in Electrical Engineering. He later attended George Washington University in Washington D.C. and earned a Program Management Degree. After completion of his studies, he joined an Aerospace company on the West Coast and worked there for seven years.

He then took a position with the Department of Defense in a suburb of Washington D.C. He had several positions with the Department of Defense including engineering management. With the Department he was stationed in Holland for four years in a position of engineering communications.

He retired in 1994, and stayed in the D.C. area for three years, and then, with his wife Joanne, moved down here to Florida in 1997. Joanne passed away in 2010. Jerry and Joanne had two children who both reside in the D.C. area. Jerry is blessed with five grandchildren, ages 13 to 20. Outside of bridge his hobbies include a little golf, and he offers that he is politically active.

Jerry has been on our Board of Directors for six years, and has been President for five years. He is optimistic about the future of our club but recognizes that there will continue to be a turnover in membership, and offers that the club must be extremely active in recruiting and keeping new members. He wishes that more members would become active in volunteering for club activities and endeavors, but greatly appreciates those who have invested there time and effort.

Current and past board members, and certainly at least the more veteran members of our club, are greatly aware of the tremendous effort Jerry puts into making this club a continued success. Being President can be a thankless and difficult job, but Jerry handles it seamlessly. The club very much appreciates his efforts.


Recent Rank Changes

The following NCBC members recently earned a change in rank as reported in the current Sunshine Bridge News.  Congratulations to all!

Gold Life Master
Calvin Young

Regional Master
Jo Ann Toppa

Sectional Master
Isabelle Thompson

Junior Master
Lou Gutfleish
Penny McCullough    

Aruna Raghaven: Life Master

Aruna Raghaven
Aruna Raghaven

Our newest life master at Nature Coast Bridge Club is Aruna Raghavan! She had a successful tournament at Palmetto last week to win the last gold points that she needed. We all enjoyed celebrating with her today at the club!

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