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Meet Gary Emke

For those newer members, please meet Gary Emke, who has been our club manager for almost three years now.

Gary and his wife Ellouise live in Heritage Pines, and have been blessed with four wonderful children, eleven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Gary grew up in Otto, New York, and went to several different colleges, his favorite of which was in Gannon, Pennsylvania.

He worked for International Paper for twenty years and IBM for ten, in information systems. He has enjoyed retirement for the past eight years.

When asked what he liked most about our club, he said he was "most grateful for the kindness, friendliness, and support the club members gave him and his main partner, Guy Alfano, when they first started playing."

We are very lucky to have Gary as Manager. He does so much for our club, much of which goes unnoticed by the general membership.

This Week's Good Games

We can’t hit all the big games this past week, but Connie Queller and Marion Ellingsen had a great week, winning both Tuesday and Wednesday.  Jim Somma and Howard Coley had an impressive first on Thursday.


NCBC Umbrellas
NCBC Umbrellas

Umbrellas served their purpose as we came in for the game today.  Now the rain has stopped and they wait patiently for the game to end...and the rain to return.

This Week's Good Games

The biggest game this week was turned in by Pat Foster and Connie Queller with a 64+%. Very Nice.

And kudos to Marge Zielinski and Cathy Weber who came in first overall on Wednesday. It was nice to see Ned Daughdrille on Friday.

John Polo managed a 70+% game individually in the 0-20 session. Elva Posewitz was right behind with 62+%. They must be getting the hang of it!

Whit Campbell told an interesting story at the bridge table, which makes us ponder. He said he had a great month in May earning 27+ MPs. In June, playing with the same partners, and against virtually the same opponents, and about the same number of times, he earned less than four.

Detwiler / Krzesinski: 75% Game!

James Detwiler and Dorothy Krzesinski had a 75% game Thursday. Wow! Might be time for those two to move up into the Open Game.

In the Open Games, congratulations to Calvin and Marilyn Young for their consistent great play this past week. On Friday they had a 68% game. On Wednesday they had 59%, on Tuesday 64%, and on Monday 58%.

The biggest Open Game of the week was Judy Hofbauer and David Marks who on Monday had a 70% game.

Monday Good Games

Congratulations to Monday’s winners. Judy Hofbauer and David Marks had a 69+% game, and Jerry Lebo and Zada Moyer, after a brief absence from the club, got right back into it with a 66+% game.  Great job people.

For that day, look at hand 21 (click for Monday results and hands). It presents touchy bidding decisions. It makes 4 and 5 spades north south, but only three pairs found the contract.

What happens if North, who is vulnerable and was the Dealer, plays disciplined weak twos in the first and second chair?
Seems like they will never find 4 spades. But what if North does open two spades? South would like to show hearts, but some play a new suit over a weak two is non-forcing. Does south jump to four spades without the popular Mel’s rule of 17?

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