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Saturday Beginning Bridge Course Announced

BB1 Flyer
BB1 Flyer

Judy Kortier will be the instructor for 8 weeks beginning October 8. Enlarge the image at the left, or call her at (727) 819-2008 for more information.

Course Outline:

Session 1: Hand evaluation, opening the bidding, the bidding ladder, taking tricks

Session 2: Deciding how high and where to play, play points (high card from short

side, promotion, length, drawing trump), attitude signals

Session 3: Notrump opening bids, responses, and rebids

Session 4: Trumping in dummy and combining play point techniques

Session 5: Major suit opening bids, responses, and rebids

Session 6: Finessing

Session 7: Minor suit opening bids, responses, and rebids

Session 8: Play session combining all bidding and play techniques

Lois' Party Pics

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IMG 0929
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IMG 0930
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IMG 0931
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IMG 0934
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IMG 0942
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IMG 0943

Meet David Marks

This club owes a special debt of gratitude to David Marks and we attempt to do it here. David was very instrumental in the success of Learn Bridge In A Day, having worked tirelessly in its promotion. He has now volunteered to promote a new club seminar to be held in October.

David lives in New Port Richey and is single. He was born in England, and with his parents, immigrated to the US when he was 11, settling in Rockford, Illinois. David was a teacher for 5 year in high school Journalism and English. His other field was data processing.

He has lived in Chicago, Toronto, Boston, and Hawaii. He considers Evanston, Illinois his home. He has a strong interest in sports and at one time was a very competitive pool player. His hobbies include collecting antiques, and his favorites are oriental and english.

Thank-you David for all your volunteer efforts, both in the club and out.

Last Week's Good Games

Noteworthy games last week include Cheryl Petty and James Thomas with 65% on Friday, (best open game of the week), Kathy King and Bobbie Regan with  a 59% on Thursday, which we note because both are C players and came in first overall in A, B, and C. We also recognize in the 0-20 game, Thangan Najarajar with a 75% and Pamela McEwan with a  67%. Congratulations all.

This Week's Good Games

Again, we cannot recognize everyone, but the biggest open game this past week was Jim Logan and Jim Somma with a 66% game on Tuesday. Connie Queller and Carol Hargrave had a 62% on Wednesday.

Special recognition goes out to Robert Kreye and Gene Kortier, who are C players and relatively new, with a 60% on Tuesday and first in their section.

Also, in the 0-20 game both Pamela McEwan and Scott Jones had a 70% game.

Meet Floyd McWilliams

Please meet our newest director, Floyd McWilliams. Rumor has it that he is a monk sent on a mission to bring peace and humor to NCBC. He denies monkhood, but he has been a breath of fresh air to our club.

He calls a lot of places home, and has lived in Indiana, up-state New York, Illinois, and El Paso, Texas. He spent 30 years in the computer field, was an insurance salesman, and a math teacher, teaching at Indiana State University and in the federal prisons system.

He is a widower, and has four kids, spread all over, and 6 grandkids. He has been a director since about 1998, and this is the biggest club he has directed at. What he likes most about our club are the friendly members. We are very glad to have you, Floyd.

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Tuesday Open, 299 , Tue Apr 25 @12:30PM
Wednesday Open, Wed Apr 26 @12:30PM
Thursday 0-299, Thu Apr 27 @12:30PM
Thursday Open, Thu Apr 27 @ 6:30PM
Friday Open, Fri Apr 28 @12:30PM
Saturday Open (When attendance warrants), Sat Apr 29 @12:30PM
Monday Open, Mon May 01 @12:30PM
Tuesday Open, 299 , Tue May 02 @12:30PM

Next Classes

Weak 2's, Wed May 03 @ 9:30AM
Supervised Play Basics 2, Tue May 16 @10:00AM
Michaels Cue Bids, Wed May 17 @ 9:30AM
Supervised Play Basics 2, Tue May 23 @10:00AM
Supervised Play Basics 2, Tue May 30 @10:00AM

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