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Last Week's Good Games

Well, they say “better late than never” so we wish to report on last week’s results.  On Monday Sharon Fogle and Joan Waite had a 60% game.  On Tuesday, Lois Fortunato and Whit Campbell scored a 66%.  On Wednesday, Jim Logan and Jim Somma had a 68%, tops for the week.  Thursday evening’s game drew four tables, (remember to sign up for this friendly, low key game).  Bill Barker and Mary Ritonia tied with Pat Clark and Beverly Tillberry with 59%.  On Friday, Mary Ann Rank and Howard Coley had 64%.  And on Saturday, with three and a half tables, (again sign up and lets make this Saturday game successful and ongoing), Gary Emke and Edna Lauer scored a 66%.  Well done folks.

Meet Gerry Panos

We want to pay special recognition to Gerry Panos. She has lived in Heritage Pines for the past eight years and was born and raised in southwest Minnesota. She taught third grade in Mankato, Minnesota for 32 years. Her beloved husband, Vince, died in 1997. He was a small business owner, which included owning a gas station in southern Minnesota, and servicing the farmers in God’s farm country.

Gerry has two children and two grandchildren. One lives in California and the other remained in Minnesota, where Gerry visits her two months out of the summer. Gerry loves to read, and did enjoy golf until back problems developed. She loves line dancing and still dances once a week in Aripeka.

Gerry has been a teacher at our club the past six years. She says gratification comes when a student comes up after the day and says he has had a great time and learned a lot. When asked about frustrations in teaching, she offered that sometimes it is difficult teaching older students because of the need for repetitive instructions, but she has adapted.

The club owes a great debt of gratitude for all Gerry’s tireless efforts. She is greatly appreciated.

Meet Sharon Fogle

We would like to introduce our second newest director, Sharon Fogle. She was born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area. Her husband is Bob, and they have two sons and four grandkids. They lived in Largo, Florida for eight years, and moved into our area two years ago. Sharon’s occupation was in sales and computer networking systems. Her hobbies have included martial arts, specifically Chung Mo Doe, which is a combination of eight different types of martial arts. She has enjoyed downhill skiing and waterskiing, tennis and bowling.

She has been a director for less than a year and is a fairly new member of our club. Sharon says the hardest part about being a director is handling unruly behavior. She offers that to make the club better we must try to attract younger members. We are so impressed with her courage by becoming a new director, when she had been in the club just a short time. We hope to enjoy her directorship for years to come.

Last Week's Good Games

We will miss summarizing a few days of play this past week, but we want to congratulate Connie Queller and Jim Logan for their 67% on Tuesday, which was the biggest game of the week.

Connie Queller, with Marion Ellingsen, had 64% on Friday,  and Sandra Ollar, a C player, with Jim Somma were first in their section on Friday.

In the 499er’s game, Louis Gutfleish and Melvin Letterer had a 64.5%, and Patti VanMatre, with Rosemary Stanton, had 60%.

Carla Terp and Bob Mooney scored a 66% on Wednesday, with Gary Emke and Guy Alfano being right behind with 64%.

Guaranteed Partner Program

In March the Board started a Guaranteed Partner program for Tuesday and Wednesday, and I have been participating as a "guaranteed partner" since inception.

Currently there are a limited number of volunteers. If you have considered volunteering, you might like to know how it has been working, from a volunteer's perspective. Volunteers arrive 30 minutes before the game starts. Folks without a partner congregate at the Partnership Desk and arrange to play with any other person who has come without a partner. Should there be only one person without a partner, they play with the volunteer. The volunteer gets a free play (fringe benefit!). In my case, I have gone home only once - there were two folks without partners that day, and they played together.

On several occasions there has been a half table, and I have played with the Director to make full tables, a benefit to all. This has been a fun thing to do, an opportunity to meet new people, and one I would recommend to you all. Get out of your comfort zone, meet some new folks, add to your enjoyment of the game! Contact Gary Emke to join this enjoyable activity.

Strong 2C Workshop

Carol Hargrave will present a workshop on the strong 2♣ bidding sequences on September 20 at 10am. It will last 90 minutes, cost $8, and will cover how to identify a 2♣ opening hand, responses, and continuations. She will also cover strong balanced (NT) hands, some of which are opened with 2♣, and the class will practice bidding these strong hands.

This workshop is for beginners or anyone else wishing to brush up on their 2♣ bidding.

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