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Recent Rank Change

Bob Mooney recently became a Silver Life Master as listed on the Unit 128 website.  Congratulations, Bob!

Managers' Notes

We are not going to do a profile this week, but the club manager and assistant manager wish to remind our members of certain things and give out notices.

First, these publicity notes will now go to all members by email, but will still remain on the club’s website. So please update your email address.

Also, remember that the club offers guaranteed partnership for Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank you very much, volunteers.

The first Saturday game was held this past week, with poor attendance. Please members, look to see if you could support this game, say once a month, as this game has great potential for our club’s growth. With lack of immediate support, this game may fall by the wayside. The game is at 12:30 pm with our friendly Floyd usually directing.

The Halloween party is on October 31. Start planning your costume.

A Swiss team event will be held on Sunday, December 11. Please mark your calendar.

That’s all for now. See you at the table.

BB2 Class Postponed

The Competitive Bidding Class scheduled to commence on Tuesday, Oct. 18th has been postponed and will be rescheduled in January.

Dan's Birthday

Dan and the cake
Dan and the cake

NCBC was happy to celebrate with Dan Von Spreckelsen on his Birthday at today's game. Happy day, happy year!

Upcoming Birthdays Added

Thanks to Zada Moyer's efforts, and for logged in users only, we have been able to add an upcoming birthdays box on the News page and in the Club Schedules calendar. If you want to be included, let Zada know as she will update the list from time to time as the snowbirds arrive. (A link to the Club Schedules calendar is found in the Miscellaneous box.)

I entered them by hand, and I may well have messed up some names or dates, so look in the calendar and verify your data and let Zada know of any errors.

Last Week's Good Games

Wow! Toni Schultz and Joan Waite had the top game of the week, scoring a 68% on Tuesday. Other games include Howard Coley and Mary Ann Rank with a 62.5% on Friday; Floyd McWilliams and Bill Barker tying with Jim Somma and Howard Coley for first on Thursday; and on Monday, Calvin and Marilyn Young coming in first overall, with Gerry Panos and Darlene Drietz a close second.

In the 499er’s game, Melvin Letterer and Louis Gutfleish had another great game with 64% . It might be time to move up guys.

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Monday Open, Mon Dec 18 @12:30PM
Tuesday Open, 299 , Tue Dec 19 @12:30PM
Wednesday Open, Wed Dec 20 @12:30PM
Thursday 0-299, Thu Dec 21 @12:30PM
Thursday Open, Thu Dec 21 @12:30PM
Friday Open, Fri Dec 22 @12:30PM
Monday Open, Mon Dec 25 @12:30PM
Tuesday Open, 299 , Tue Dec 26 @12:30PM

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