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Mary Ellen

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mary Ellen Vanzler, who is at Bayonet Point Hospital, after complications from her last hospitalization. We need you back Mary Ellen.

Recent Rank Changes

The following NCBC members earned a change in rank as listed in the current Sunshine Bridge News.  Congratulations to all!

Diamond Life Master
Dan Von Spreckelsen

Silver Life Master
Michael Moore
Fumie Teitelbaum

Bronze Life Master
Lu Porter
Jim Young

Club Master
Ann Sich
Steve Yarber

Junior Master
Jim Rankin  

Meet "Boots" Burnett

We would like to introduce you to “Boots” Burnett. About the name “Boots”, well her given name is Beulah. She came from a very big family and describes how her siblings, particularly the younger ones, could not pronounce her first name. Sometimes in came out Budda, then it changed to Boodie. Finally it just became Boots, which she continued to use.

She was born in raised in Maryland. After high school she had one year of business school, and was an office coordinator in San Francisco. She and her husband Bill married in 1946. They had three children, and Boots enjoys four grandchildren. Boots has also lived in Wilmington, Delaware, Baltimore, Devon Pennsylvania, and finally in Hudson, Florida.

Her hobbies have been swimming and walking. She enjoys her church. She has been playing bridge since 1955, and offers the club no suggestions. She says she is happy with the club as it is and has never played in a better club. There is not a sweeter, more friendly lady in our club. Thanks Boots.

Meet Dan VonSpreckelsen

We would like to tell you a little bit about Dan VonSpreckelsen. No, the last game is not Dutch, but German. Dan was born and raised in Union, New Jersey. His dad was a minister and Dan has five brothers, and had one sister, who died young. Out of High School, Dan went into the Navy and served three years. He got out in the mid sixties, and had a variety of jobs, including loading truck and climbing poles for New Jersey Bell. Dan joined a city police force in Union County, New Jersey in 1965. He retired down here to Florida about 20 years ago. Dan has two daughters, and when asked about hobbies other than bridge, he stated he enjoys watching his five grandkids, and one great-grandchild.

Dan has 5000 plus masterpoints. He was player of the year in the Tampa Bridge Club no less than seven times.

When asked for suggestions to make the club better, he stated that we need an owned site because the landlord has just too much leverage. He says our club has lots of good people, and he thoroughly enjoys playing at NCBC.

We are very appreciative and fortunate to have such a good player as Dan play regularly play at our club.

Last Week's Good Games

Several pairs had great games this past week. On Monday, Jim Somma and Scott Roland scored 62%. On Wednesday, Connie Queller and Scott Roland had 60%. In the 499’ers on Thursday, Cathy King and Kim Casey scored 67%. And wow, on Friday Whit Campbell and Terri Coley teamed up for 72%, easily tops for the week. Congratulations all.

Another Rank Change

Jim Thomas has earned the rank of Ruby Master.  This change is listed in the current Bridge Bulletin.  Congratulations Jim!

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