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Meet Lee Hargrave

We would like to tell you a bit about one of our most gracious members — Lee Hargrave. He has consistently attended our club for at least the past 15 years.

Lee was born in southern Illinois and grew up in Memphis. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a dual major in Math and Electrical Engineering. He has two additional decrees from Drexel and the University of Maryland in Masters of Business Administration and Masters in Electrical Engineering. He taught at the University of Maryland in electrical engineering, math, and business administration.

Lee has lived and traveled the world, and ran and worked for several high tech companies. Early in his career he was in the Navy working for NSA. He lived and worked in Europe for ten years, and his favorite place to live was Brussels. He became fluent in French and German. He and his lovely wife, Carol, have been married for 20 years and live in Glen Lakes. Lee has four daughters, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. His hobbies outside of bridge included tennis and golf, and he sadly says he just had to hang up his clubs.

When asked what could be done to improve the club, he was very reticent to offer anything, and asked that his comment not be taken as a criticism, but thought we needed a better facility. We are very grateful to have this obviously very talented man at our bridge table with his kindness and gentle demeanor.

Saturday Bridge

I was excited to learn that we were having a game on Saturday!

Unfortunately, neither the members nor the leaders share my fact, I have signed up weekly only to have the games cancelled due to lack of players. Surprisingly, the game was even cancelled one week when we did meet the participant quota of 3 tables!

Now that quota has been increased to 4 (how does that make sense) tables but, at the same time, I see that on a recent Thursday night that session was run with only 2 1/2 tables! I thought their requirement was the same - including required preregistration.

The directors rarely remind the players of the Saturday game and I do not even see it listed on today's news in the future scheduled games to be played...why not? How can we expect this to be successful without publicity? How can we make this work? There must be Bridge players who still work and would love a competitive game on a weekend.

Meet Judy Kortier

We would very much like to tell you a little about one of our great teachers and pleasant bridge player’s -- Judy Kortier.

Judy was born in Detroit, Michigan, and grew up on the upper peninsula of Michigan. She attended college at Northern Michigan University and majored in music education. She also took extra classes to teach in the classroom. She also has a Master of Arts degree (Rochester, Michigan), and a degree as educational specialist from Wayne State University in Detroit.

She taught primary school for 34 years at L’Anse Creuse School in a district northeast of Detroit. Her husband, Gene, taught middle school Science at the same school.

She and Gene live in Heritage Pines and have two kids and two grandchildren. She has been a church organist for decades and started at age 15. She enjoys reading and prefers mysteries and thrillers. She has been a teacher at NCBC for three and a half years.

The feedback from her classes is always extremely positive. We thank her very much for all her efforts in promoting our club through her teaching and her wonderfully pleasant nature.

Play of the Hand Class

Play of the Hand classes start December 14 and continue on December 28, January 4 and January 11. The manual was written by our Mary Ann duFresne, award-winning author and teacher who was a founding member of NCBC.

We will focus on planning the play, winning and losing tricks, finessing and much more! Lots of hands will be played and analyzed.

Questions? Call or email Pat Foster at 727-372-0307 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Karen Alpaugh

Karen Alpaugh
Karen Alpaugh

Mike Swartz reports that Karen Alpaugh has died. No further information at this time.

Across-Board Scoring

Today at the director's meeting, it was agreed to start across board scoring when there are at least two sections. What this does is match point results on a board across all participating sections. This only means a higher top match point score on each board, not a higher possible master point award for the event. As has always been the case, the highest master point award is based on the number of tables in all sections, regardless of whether using across board scoring or not, but there will be variation in the exact master points awarded for each pair after the first. This should result in a more equitable game.

Overall awards have nothing to do with section tops, as overalls are across both directions.

This will start Friday, 11/11, if there are two sections.

[Editor's note: the Author did not indicate whether the BridgePads will report percentages across sections, either during the game or afterwards.]

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