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Board Meeting Agenda 2017/6/27


Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Thursday 299 game

Sorry about the "results" for the June 8th 299 game. Due to the failure of the computer during the game and the trouble retrieving the bridge pads, the game didn't go up as usual. The scores are correct and are posted at the club.


Evening Game Suspended for Summer

Due to low attendance on Thursday evenings, that game will be suspended until the fall. In its place an Open game will be held Thursday afternoons. This is a separate game from the 299 game so it must have 4 tables. A sign-up sheet is on the front table. If the game does not have enough tables, an email canceling the game will be sent to all NCBC players Wednesday evening.

Jim Logan's Mini-Lessons

Jim Logan will be finishing up his mini-lessons over the next two Thursdays between 12:10 and 12:30 PM. These lessons have been very popular with the 99er group, but will be discontinued over the summer months of June, July, and August.

Education at NCBC

The NCBC teachers met on Friday and have decided on the following education program for the spring-summer.

Since we had requests for supervised play, we have tried to accommodate those requests

Judy Kortier will teach Supervised Play for Bridge Basics 1 on Wednesday mornings, June 7 thru July 26.

Gerry Panos will teach Supervised Play for Bridge Basics 2 on Tuesday mornings, May 16 thru July 11.

These supervised play classes will last 90 minutes and will cost $5 per session.

Two workshops will be offered:

Pat Foster will teach Weak 2-Bids and Their Responses on Wednesday morning, May 3rd.

Carol Hargrave will teach Michaels Cue Bids and Their Responses on Wednesday morning, May 17th.

Workshops will be two hours and will cost $10 each.

The teachers will meet again July 14th to plan the fall semester. As usual, you can sign-up on the teacher education bulletin board for each play course or workshop. All courses will be held on demand, depending on sign-up.


Election Results

Were you there on Friday? Wasn't the annual meeting fun and interesting? Well perhaps not exactly up there with Disney, Busch Gardens or Aldi, but at least you were among the first to know who won election to the NCBC Board. For the rest of you, here they are (alphabetically). Be sure to congratulate each of them when you next see them at the bridge table (or at Aldi).

Bud Baynard (First Timer),

Sue Graham (Back on board – Sue served two terms not long ago),

Judy Kortier (First Timer),

Zada Moyer (Re-elected to her second term),

Jim Somma (Back on board – Jim last served a few years ago)

They will all be joining with Judy Jansen and Jerry Lebo as those two serve the remaining year in their current terms. That's your Board – working to make NCBC better, and always happy to hear your advice on how to do it, or your offer to help make it happen.

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