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Upcoming Birthdays Added

Thanks to Zada Moyer's efforts, and for logged in users only, we have been able to add an upcoming birthdays box on the News page and in the Club Schedules calendar. If you want to be included, let Zada know as she will update the list from time to time as the snowbirds arrive. (A link to the Club Schedules calendar is found in the Miscellaneous box.)

I entered them by hand, and I may well have messed up some names or dates, so look in the calendar and verify your data and let Zada know of any errors.

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Wednesday Open, Wed Aug 23 @12:30PM
Thursday 0-299, Thu Aug 24 @12:30PM
Thursday Open, Thu Aug 24 @12:30PM
Friday Open, Fri Aug 25 @12:30PM
Monday Open, Mon Aug 28 @12:30PM
Tuesday Open, 299 , Tue Aug 29 @12:30PM
Wednesday Open, Wed Aug 30 @12:30PM
Thursday 0-299, Thu Aug 31 @12:30PM

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Bridge Links

ACBL web-site
The American Contract Bridge League

District 9 web-site
Home of the largest District in the ACBL, comprising Florida and the US Caribbean islands.

Unit 128 web-site
The largest Unit in the ACBL, comprising most of Florida and the US Caribbean Islands.

Karen Walker web-site
Contains a wealth of bridge articles for players at all levels

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