Wonderland Bridge

This was the Annual Bridge Championship and two conditions would apply. The Knave of Spades, who was the director, gave the rules of the contest.

Barometer Scoring

Every player was allowed to ask one question of the Cheshire Cat.

The tournament was just about to start. This was 19-tear-old Alice's Tournament Debut. Her partner, the March Hare, was nowhere to be found. It was one of his faults to be late for important dates.

So the Mad Hatter, the loose cannon, who never had a partner, was pressed into service.

With many strokes of luck and one hand to play, Alice and the Mad Hatter were barely ahead of the 5-time defending champions, the King and Queen of Hearts.

It came down to this hand, with Tweedledee and Tweedledum sitting East / West:

North and South Hands
North and South Hands

The Mad Hatter made a slam try and Alice ended up in a 5-spade contract. Tweedledee led his Queen of Diamonds and she was in deep thought.

Alice, being a novice, had the fewest WCBA (Wonderland Contract Bridge Association) Master points.

Suddenly, the Mad Hatter blurted out, "Alice! Alice, you haven't used your question!" So soliciting the wisdom of the Cheshire Cat, Alice asked, "Where does the Queen of Hearts live?"

Rotating his head 180 degrees, the Cheshire Cat said, "She has a palace in the East and a palace in the West. Make her squirm and you'll pass the test."

After the Queen of Diamonds lead, Alice played low from dummy. Tweedledum followed and Alice inadvertently dropped the 4 of Dismonds on the table. Alice stated, "I didn't mean that." The twins in unison called the Director. The Knave of Spades ruled against Alice, determining it was a played card.

After another Diamond was led, Alice, being totally rattled, started cashing tricks. Trumps were 3-0. She drew Trumps, and cashed her Ace of Diamonds. Then she cashed the Ace of Clubs and exited with her last Club, producing this end of play:


Thus, with the end-play, the Queen of Hearts was trapped and Alice and the Mad Hatter were the improbable upset winners!!


# Jim Logan 2017-05-21 22:02
I've been asked what barometer scoring is. Everybody plays board 1 at the same time, then everybody plays board 2, while board 2 is being played , the scores for board 1 are posted for all to see. So you always know your standing from board to board. thus Alice knew if she made 5 spades they were the winners.
# Sue Graham 2017-06-02 10:34
Very clever Jim. Sometimes I think that I am going through the "Looking Glass" with Alice when I come to bridge.

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