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On Monday, Club President Zada Moyer announced that the Board of Directors had decided that travelers and percentages would be removed from the BridgePads, effective next Monday. She said the vote was 4-2 with 1 abstention. She said the Board considered reports that most other clubs do it that way, that too much time was spent discussing the results at the table, resulting in slow play and making it impossible for Directors to enforce Zero Tolerance. She also said that other tables might hear the discussion. She indicated that conflicting opinions were received from the ACBL on the advisability of having travelers and percentages reported during the game, but gave no details on those opinions. Three members of the Club spoke against the decision. No members spoke in favor of it. She refused to divulge how each Board Member voted, saying Club Members could ask the Board Members themselves.

She failed to mention that two votes and one survey have been taken on this matter. All three times, the elimination of travelers and percentages was disfavored by the entire Club Membership, even though the reasoning the Board used was known to the Members then as well as now.

I call on President Moyer to declare all actions taken at that unoffcial meeting be declared null and void, regardless of the subject, since the Club's Bylaws were violated. The Bylaws require the agenda be published one week before the next Board meeting. This was not done, so an official meeting was never held, just a discussion.

In addition, Robert's Rules of Order does not allow New Business to be raised and voted on in the same meeting. This is similar to our Bylaw requirement, in its effect, because it allows the Membership to consider the proposal and make their views known before it is voted on. The proper procedure is to vote only on Old business, and only propose New Business.

I call on Board Members to demand a role-call vote, as is their right, if the proposal is ever properly voted on at a proper meeting.

I urge Members to resist, by speaking to the Board Members or attending the next official meeting. The Board Members are Zada Moyer, Jerry Lebo, Judy Jansen, Bud Baynard, Sue Graham, Judy Kortier, and Jim Somma. This is our club, and it must be run according to our wishes, in accordance with our Bylaws.

Note that all members, Associate as well as Full Members, are represented by by the Board and may make their views known to the Board, but that only Daily Recap members may comment here.

Wonderland Bridge

This was the Annual Bridge Championship and two conditions would apply. The Knave of Spades, who was the director, gave the rules of the contest.

Barometer Scoring

Every player was allowed to ask one question of the Cheshire Cat.

The tournament was just about to start. This was 19-tear-old Alice's Tournament Debut. Her partner, the March Hare, was nowhere to be found. It was one of his faults to be late for important dates.

So the Mad Hatter, the loose cannon, who never had a partner, was pressed into service.

With many strokes of luck and one hand to play, Alice and the Mad Hatter were barely ahead of the 5-time defending champions, the King and Queen of Hearts.

It came down to this hand, with Tweedledee and Tweedledum sitting East / West:

North and South Hands
North and South Hands

The Mad Hatter made a slam try and Alice ended up in a 5-spade contract. Tweedledee led his Queen of Diamonds and she was in deep thought.

Alice, being a novice, had the fewest WCBA (Wonderland Contract Bridge Association) Master points.

Suddenly, the Mad Hatter blurted out, "Alice! Alice, you haven't used your question!" So soliciting the wisdom of the Cheshire Cat, Alice asked, "Where does the Queen of Hearts live?"

Rotating his head 180 degrees, the Cheshire Cat said, "She has a palace in the East and a palace in the West. Make her squirm and you'll pass the test."

Evening Game Suspended for Summer

Due to low attendance on Thursday evenings, that game will be suspended until the fall. In its place an Open game will be held Thursday afternoons. This is a separate game from the 299 game so it must have 4 tables. A sign-up sheet is on the front table. If the game does not have enough tables, an email canceling the game will be sent to all NCBC players Wednesday evening.

Jim Logan's Mini-Lessons

Jim Logan will be finishing up his mini-lessons over the next two Thursdays between 12:10 and 12:30 PM. These lessons have been very popular with the 99er group, but will be discontinued over the summer months of June, July, and August.

Recent Rank Changes

Two NCBC members recently earned a rank change as posted on the Unit 128 website. Congratulations to both!

Silver Life Master
Cheryl Petty

Club Master
Bob Hunter    

Education at NCBC

The NCBC teachers met on Friday and have decided on the following education program for the spring-summer.

Since we had requests for supervised play, we have tried to accommodate those requests

Judy Kortier will teach Supervised Play for Bridge Basics 1 on Wednesday mornings, June 7 thru July 26.

Gerry Panos will teach Supervised Play for Bridge Basics 2 on Tuesday mornings, May 16 thru July 11.

These supervised play classes will last 90 minutes and will cost $5 per session.

Two workshops will be offered:

Pat Foster will teach Weak 2-Bids and Their Responses on Wednesday morning, May 3rd.

Carol Hargrave will teach Michaels Cue Bids and Their Responses on Wednesday morning, May 17th.

Workshops will be two hours and will cost $10 each.

The teachers will meet again July 14th to plan the fall semester. As usual, you can sign-up on the teacher education bulletin board for each play course or workshop. All courses will be held on demand, depending on sign-up.


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